Quartz/Silica Powder

Prosopis Inc best quality silica (Quartz) powder meeting all quality specifications for the finest product. We are manufacturing silica (Quartz) powder in different mesh sizes and as per industry requirements.

Our Silica (Quartz) Powder Specifications

The high content of SiO2 from 99.5% to 99.9%

low content of alkali, or traces

Low Fe content upto 0.01%

Mohs hardness:7-7.8

Specific Gravity: 2.90-2.8

Sizes & Grade

·  Silica PowderMesh SizeColor & WhitenessSio2 (Purity)Fe2O3Iron FreeMoisture
Grade-I200, 300, 325, 400, above 400 upto 100095%-97%99.5% min0.01%Nil0.33%
Grade-II200, 300, 325, 400, above 400 upto 100093%-94%99.5% min0.01%Nil0.33%
Grade-III200, 300, 325, 400, above 400 upto 100089%-93%99%-99.6%0.01Nil0.33%


Chemical Composition / Parameters of Silica (Quartz) powder:

Sio2 : 99.5%-99.8%%

Fe2O3: 0.01% or below

Al2O3: 0.01%

Cao: 0.01%

MgO, Na2O, K2O, TIO2, MnO are in trace or absent


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